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Happy Valentine’s day!

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Me and my husband went to the movies and watched Star Wars at long last! The movie came out when I was still in Brazil, visiting family, and we had promised to watch it together for the first time. When I came back to Germany, he was really busy, and every time we tried to watch it, something would go wrong (like him having to work overtime, me getting a cold, or both of us being too tired..).

Today, it all went well, for a change. Barely, as they only had 4 seats left when we bought our tickets!

When we were waiting on the line, I spotted for the very first time a little tin called “Filmdose”, a place to keep those special movie tickets. Each of the plain black one with the name of the cinema cost 2 euros, the special Star Wars ones cost 4 euros each. My husband got me a Star Wars Filmdose to keep today’s tickets and a black one to keep all the other tickets I have collected over the years. I will be putting them there slowly, as they are scattered throughout the house: in handbags, books, boxes and who knows where else.

You can see the Star Wars tin pictured with my Isul Gosick (my first ever Groove doll!), my Valentine’s day gift from my husband. His name is Valentin.

Bis denne,

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Call the Midwife

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Have you watched Call the Midwife? Just in case you haven’t, I decided to share a bit about why I absolutely adore it. CTM is a BBC period drama series about a group of nurse midwives working in the East End of London in the 1950s and 1960s, and while that description may not sound appealing to some, this series is about so much more than that. Call the Midwife is about human nature, about kindness, about conquering adversities, it is about life. And yes, about midwifery too.

We follow the lives of nurses and midwives Jenny Lee, Camilla, Trixie, Cynthia, alongside a plethora of interesting characters living and working in the East End of London, delivering baby after baby, watching story after story unfold. On a personal note, I love 1950′s fashion, so this also means I always get inspired by the fantastic job the costume department did, and have already brought some of that inspiration into my own wardrobe.

I believe Call the Midwife is one of the finest television series ever made. If you give it a chance, it will make you cry, it will make you smile, it will make you fall in love with it.

Bis denne,

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6 on 6 may 2015







My husband and I went to Leipzig to visit a dear friend, and to celebrate her son’s first birthday. It was my third time there, and my husband’s first. We only stayed 2 days, but they were really enjoyable.

Before we hit the road back home for 5 hours by car, we walked a bit around downtown, and had lunch at Auerbachs Keller.

“Auerbachs Keller (German pronunciation: [ˌaʊɐbaχs ˈkɛlɐ], Auerbach’s Cellar in English) is the best known and second oldest restaurant in Leipzig, dating to at least the first half of the fifteenth century. It was already one of the city’s most important wine bars by the 16th century and is described in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s play Faust I as the first place Mephistopheles takes Faust on their travels.

Goethe often visited Auerbach’s Cellar while studying in Leipzig 1765-1768 and called it his favorite wine bar. He saw there two paintings on wood dating from 1625, one depicting the magician and astrologer Faust drinking with students and the other showing him riding out the door astride a wine barrel. Goethe was already familiar with the Faust legend from his youth, since a puppet show Dr. Faust, was frequently performed at local street fairs. The scene Auerbach’s Cellar in Leipzig in his drama Faust I is his literary memorial to his student tavern and to the city, albeit an ironic one. According to legend, the alchemist Dr. Johann Georg Faust once rode a wine barrel from the cellar to the street at Auerbach’s Cellar, something he could have accomplished only with the help of the Devil.

A depiction of Auerbach’s Cellar from the Illustrierte Zeitung of 27 April 1844
Between 1912 and 1913 much of Auerbach’s Cellar was reconstructed and expanded as part of the demolition of the medieval construction above it and the erection of the Mädlerpassage. It was reopened on 22 February 1913, which is also the date when the two sculptures Mephisto and Faust and Bewitched Students were placed at the entrance of the wine bar. These were cast by Traugott Noack (1865–1941) at his Bronze Fine Art Foundry Noack, which he established in 1899.” Source: Wikipedia

Bis denne,

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